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Fadi answers some questions that we often wonder. He gives us some insight on how the stylists at Virage figure out what looks best on us!

"How do you make sure clients get a style that is truly flattering even if they say they want something else?

At Virage, we don’t let anyone leave the salon looking less than stunning. We have a great reputation, with high ratings from respected publications. I keep up the quality
by being very hands-on. To give clients their best look, even if they haven’t considered my idea, takes time and conversation. The rst thing I do when a client sits down is put my hands in her hair to determine the texture and condition. Then we talk about preferences or consider a picture. During a short conversation, I get a sense of their lifestyle and personality. Is this a person who
will return faithfully to the salon
to maintain a look, or is a low-

maintenance style more suitable? Some clients make an appointment for highlights but, in talking, I understand that dimensional color will achieve the look they want.

I’d love to try one of the popular new colors, but I am afraid of looking foolish. How would you help me decide whether or not to go ahead?

I’d talk it through in a specific way. If I sense you really do want
to be bold, but are anxious, I may suggest hair extensions. They add flair without commitment. With over 81 hair color shades and three varied textures of human hair, we deliver a completely customized look. If it works for you, you can come back to have your own hair highlighted or colored."

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Jared Gold